Welcome to Mayuda Servers

The time and energy devoted by our dedicated, committed staff team to the upkeep of this server is certainly deserving of admiration. The individuals who care so deeply for this community that they sacrifice hours to ensure its prosperity are, indeed, estimable. Our Moderators and Administrators, who give so much and get so little, are, undoubtedly and most certainly, worthy of the respect of all our patrons and players. As Staff Manager, it is my responsibility to not only choose and organize Moderators and Admins, but also to ensure that each and every single one of our staff members feels safe and sound, free from derogation and ridicule, while protecting the server from rule breakers. You may disagree with them. You may despise them. But you may not harass, attack, or disrespect my staff members. If needed, a staff report can be filed on the forums. Our great Moderators, Admins, and Owners sacrifice an incredible amount so that you may enjoy your time on our server.

General Rules:

  1. Be respectful to all players.
  2. Use common sense. If you are confused about a rule, please ask a staff member or use your best discretion.
  3. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If you need help with a rule breaker, contact a staff member, don’t try to take the matter into your own hands.
  4. Do not discriminate, harass, or direct unnecessarily foul language towards any other players.
  5. Do not spam voice/mic chat. Do not use OOC, admin chat, or the ticket system for reasons other than their intended uses.
  6. Do not camera spam.
  7. Do not impersonate staff members.
  8. Your nickname (/rpname) must be at least four standard english characters in a row, and may not be similar to any other player’s name.
  9. Any threats or intent to harm other players, or the server itself, will result in a ban.
  10. Do not complain about staffing decisions in game or in OOC chat.
  11. Avoiding punishment by a staff member, through any means, is forbidden.
    • If you believe a staff member’s decision is either grossly unjust or doesn’t make sense, please use the forums to file a staff report.
  12. You are not exempt from rules if you break them to your friends. (you cannot kill your friends because they “don’t care”)
  13. Do not use cheats or exploits.
  14. Do not vote to kick other players (!votekick) if a staff member is online. If a staff member is online but away, you may votekick.
  15. You may not spam-knock on doors.
  16. Do not roleplay in spawn.
  17. Any player who reaches 50 !warns will be banned from the server for one week. Any player who reaches 75 !warns (an additional 25 after their first ban has elapsed) will be banned for two weeks. Players with 100 !warns will be banned for three weeks, and players with 125 !warns will be banned for a whole month, after which time their !warns will be reduced to 75.
  18. If you share a Steam or Garry’s Mod account, you accept the possibility that your account may be banned even if the person who broke the rules was not yourself.
  19. Do not advertise for other communities.
  20. Do not interfere with staff members or sits.
  21. Multi-binds (“/advert Kidnap/Raid/PD Raid/ Mug”) are not permitted. Each action requires a separate message.
  22. Do not report players without legitimate, valid reason.
  23. Do not waste a staff member’s time!
  24. Staff members reserve the right to use their best judgement when dealing with infractions not mentioned in the MOTD. Do not question their authority.

Roleplay Rules:

  1. Random Deathmatch (RDM)
    • Players directly harming your life, property, and/or freedom may be killed without warning.
    • Raids and hits can be completed by killing without warning (provided “Raid” and “Hit Accepted” have been averted beforehand).
    • In all other cases, before killing a player you must perform three warning adverts (“Warn 1,” “Warn 2,” “Warn 3”), and make it clear to the player in question why you are warning them. You may only warn players if you have real in-character reason for doing so.
      • If a player is warning you, you do not have the right to kill them unless they shoot at you.
    • Randomly shooting at cars is considered Attempted RDM (ARDM).
  2. Metagaming and New Life Rule (NLR)
    • Your character may not use information beyond their knowledge (no player may act based on someone’s class, name, etc.).
    • Characters must have a real and valid in-character reason behind their actions.
    • New Life Rule lasts for three minutes. So, a player may not return to the site of their death for three minutes after the fact. Also, if a player is killed during a raid, they must wait until that raid is completed (when the attackers advert “Raid Over”) to return to the site of their death.
    • Players may not remember any aspect of their former life after death.
    • Don’t hide inside cars to avoid combat.
  3. Props and Entities
    • Prop abuse, such as prop surfing, prop spamming, etc., is not allowed.
    • Never spawn props inside of other players’’ bases without permission.
    • Players cannot take entities that other players won through a raid during the process of moving them.
    • Abnormally large bases, obscene objects, or structures which block the road will be removed.
    • Don’t vape over chess or checkers tables.
    • All of your props must be indoors, within the walls/fences of your property, or on a roof which you yourself own (except for Hobos).
    • The use of World Glow on props is not allowed.
    • Translucent props are fully acceptable; transparent props are not allowed.
      • models/wireframe is not allowed.
      • models/effects/vol_light001 is not allowed.
      • models/screenspace is not allowed.
  4. Basing and Building
    • While building, players should put a “Building” sign in a visible area outside of their base.
    • When a base is building, it is un-attackable, but it may not contain any entities.
    • A player must be able to enter and exit all parts of your base using a lockpick.
    • Bases may have no more than three fading doors (including windows) total.
    • All keypads must be easily visible, and connected to a working fading door.
    • Keypads must open their respective doors for at least 5 seconds with no delay.
    • Bases cannot force players to crouch or jump in order to enter.
    • Fading bridges and sky-bases are not allowed.
    • Do not build on the streets.
    • Bases which contain mazes, blackout rooms, and other disorienting, unfair advantages will be removed.
    • KOS (kill on sight) lines are permitted.
    • You may only own one base at a time!
    • Your base may not contain any small cracks (headshot/footshot traps) designed to give you an advantage in combat, crouch-tunnels, or jump barriers.
    • Never shoot through any prop.
      • Don’t shoot through translucent or opaque props.
      • You may shoot through un-materialized fences props.
    • You may shoot through windows and doors that are part of the map, but not walls.
    • You may have fading windows which are controlled by non-toggle, hold-down buttons (these count towards your three fading door limit).
    • Only up to six people may inhabit any single base together.
    • To megabase, seek an Admin’s approval.
      • Megabases must follow all normal building rules (they may have three fading doors per building, plus two for a font gate, as opposed to the usual three total).
      • Each building within any given megabase must be owned by a different player.
      • You may not megabase in Suburbs.
  5. RP Relations
    • You are free to protect players that you have RP Relation with (the first rule of RDM extends to these people, so you may defend them from attacks).
    • There are three ways to be RP Related:
      • Team: Members of the same team (mafia or terrorist) may defend one another, but they must advert “Counter” before doing so.
      • Customer Relationship: For merchants, whilst engaging in a transaction, you have RP Relation with your customer. You must advert “Counter” to defend them if they are attacked during a deal.
      • Party: If players are in a party (!party) together, and are of an appropriate class (Merchants, Thieves, Terrorists, or Mafia), they may defend one another without advert.
  6. Raiding/Mugging/Kidnapping
    • Raiding, mugging, carjacking, kidnapping, stealing, and any other hostile/aggressive action towards another player is called an “attack”.
    • Players must wait 5 minutes (from the end of one to the beginning of the next) between executing two of the same attacks.
    • Players may not re-raid the same base, re-mug, or re-kidnap the same person for 10 minutes after said attack ends.
    • Only players who are owners of a base (their name is on the doors) may defend said base from a raid.
    • Players have the right to fight back against mugs.
      • Players may only defend themselves if there is just one player that is pursuing them. You may not defend yourself if you are outgunned.
    • Players can always defend themselves against kidnappings (there is no FearRP on this server).
    • Players must advert before performing any attack!
      • Assisting raiders must advert “Raid Assist”.
      • Only players with RP Relation may assist in raids.
      • Before a player takes anything from another player without their permission, they must advert “Steal” or “Theft”.
    • To raid the PD, players must advert “PD Raid”.
    • In kidnaps, hostages may be held for a maximum of 10 minutes.
    • Kidnappers are not required to accept ransom payments.
      • Kidnap ransom cannot exceed $10,000.
    • Mugging amounts cannot exceed $2,500.
    • If the owner of a carjacked vehicle offers to buy it back, they must be allowed to.
      • Cars may only be ransomed for up to $20,000.
    • You may not build during a raid.
    • If you’re raiding a base, anyone inside can be KOS.
    • Government classes can defend themselves and others from all attacks without advert.
    • Only the police, SWAT, and mayor can defend from a PD Raid. Criminal classes must work together to attack the PD (they may not attack one another, and criminals may not counter a PD Raid).
    • If someone tries to free a hostage, the kidnapper may defend their prisoner.
    • Players may not attack members of their own team (Mafia and Terrorist).
    • When mugging, give the player at least 10 seconds to comply before killing them.
      • Classes that carry guns by default always have the right to shoot back when getting mugged, no matter how many people are attacking them.
      • If the player you’re mugging runs, you have right to kill them.
    • Once you’ve completed your raid, you must leave immediately, and you must advert “Raid Over”. You cannot occupy players’ bases.
    • If it is obvious that the base you are raiding is either abandoned, has no entities, or is unowned, you may not raid it.

Job Rules

(If a class does not state your ability to own entities, then you are allowed.)

  1. Demotions:
    • Only people who fail to satisfy the objectives of a certain job should be demoted.
    • Unique scenarios for demotion may be provided in the class rules below.
    • If a staff member is online, do not demote for server rule violations, only for in-character reasons.
  2. Government Classes
    • No one may build inside the PD.
    • The front door of the PD must remain unlocked.
    • Government classes may not place hits!
    • Do NOT Random Taze (RDT/RT)
    • If you try to taze or arrest a player, they may defend themselves.
    • Seized entities must be destroyed.
    • The mayor may enforce laws, but he may not actively seek out criminals.
    • The mayor cannot set laws that allow for server rule violations or hinder roleplay.
    • The first four laws on the law board cannot be overruled. If there is no mayor online, police may only enforce said four rules.
    • Mayors may only impose lockdowns for a maximum of ten minutes at a time (with a ten minute break between lockdowns). During lockdowns, all players found outdoors are AOS.
    • NLR Still applies to PD Raids.
    • Police specific rules:
      • Police must try to arrest before killing targets unless the officer’s life is in danger.
      • Do not arrest players for defending themselves. Players may fight back against attackers without fear of arrest.
      • You must have a valid reason to want, warrant, or arrest an individual.
      • Police may AOS (arrest on sight) people who are past the second door in the PD.
      • Do not build checkpoints of any type.
      • Do not assist criminals in raiding a base.
      • Police may not plant illegal items inside a base.
      • Police may not own bases or entities.
      • Police may only raid with a warrant.
    • Grounds for demotion include:
      • While the police can be immune to laws that prohibit them from performing their duties, they must still follow all other laws. If they fail to do so, they may be demoted.
      • If the mayor is setting laws that give immunity to a particular person or group, they may be demoted.
      • If the mayor is AFK, they may be demoted.
      • Accepting payment in exchange for law changes is a demotable offense.
      • Refusing to enforce the law is FailRP, and a demotable offense.
  3. Citizen Classes (Miner/Cinema Owner/etc.)
    • Citizens may not perform any attacks.
    • You may have one weapon (for self defense only).
    • Videos containing LRAD, nudity, or intense violence and gore may not be played in the cinema. Additionally, the cinema is a no-roleplay zone.
  4. Thief/Pro Thief
    • Thieves may attack all other players.
    • You can base only with other thieves.
  5. Combat Medic
    • Combat Medics have all the same abilities as thieves, but they may not base alone. They have to base with other, non-Combat Medic players.
    • Combat Medics may not raid alone; they must work with and support a team.
    • Combat Medics may only assist (they may not be the first to advert for an attack).
  6. Merchant Classes (Gun Dealers/Salesmen/Bartenders/Mechanics/etc.)
    • Merchants may only own one base, so their shop must be their base.
    • You must sell your wares to any interested player; you cannot refuse service to anyone.
    • No dealer can self-supply (you may not inventory pickup anything you spawn).
    • While in their shop, merchants cannot be kidnapped, but they can be raided and mugged.
    • Merchants may only base with other merchants.
    • Merchants may not perform any attacks.
    • Sell to everyone; don’t support one group over another.
  7. Hitmen (+ Hitmen Custom Classes)
    • Hitmen may not place hits.
    • Hitmen may only accept hits through the DarkRP UI.
    • Hitmen must advert “Hit Accepted” and “Hit Complete”.
    • Government officials are not allowed to place hits.
    • Hitmen may only raid if their target is inside. They may not steal anything or destroy entities while raiding, and they must end the raid as soon as their target dies.
    • Players may not place hits on themselves.
  8. Meth Cook
    • You may only base with other cooks.
    • You may not attack anyone.
  9. Guard
    • You must work for a merchant.
    • You may not attack anyone, only defend your employer and their base.
  10. Medic
    • Medics may not perform any attacks. They are considered a civilian class.
    • Medics may not refuse treatment to anyone, but they may charge up to $500 for a full heal.
  11. Vape Classes
    • Vapers cannot attack other players.
    • Vapers cannot have guns, they accept the repercussions of being annoying.
    • You may not own doors or entities or have a base as a vaper.
  12. Hobos
    • Hobos may not own any doors.
    • Hobos may not base inside, or own any entities.
    • Hobos must build outside, but they may not prevent street access.
    • Don’t block doors.
    • You may not perform attacks as a hobo.
    • Hobos may not be attacked by any other class.
    • Hobos may not possess any weapons other than the ones that they spawn with.
    • Hobos’ bases may not contain any fading doors.
    • Do not throw bugbait at any staff member.
  13. Mafia/Godfather
    • While in-character, all mafia must obey the Godfather.
    • Mafia must work with other mafia members.
    • Mafia may perform attacks.
    • Do not attack other mafia.
  14. Terrorist/Osama Bin Laden
    • While in-character, terrorists must obey Osama bin Laden.
    • Terrorists must work with other terrorists.
    • Terrorists may perform attacks.
    • Terror is not a thing on this server, so don’t do it!
    • Do not attack other terrorists.
  15. Batman
    • Batman may grapple players (he must advert “Grapple” beforehand) to stop them from breaking the law.
    • He may kill players if they are breaking the law.
    • He may not mug, kidnap, or carjack, but he may raid (if his targets are breaking the law).
  16. Custom Classes
    • Most custom classes follow the same rules as thief.
    • If more than one person is using a custom class, they may not attack each other.
    • Some custom classes must follow Hitmen rules (those with the “place a hit” UI only).